Boxing is a deep and fascinating sport. We are here to make you a champion.

Who We Are

BOXINGHOLIC is a strong, enthusiastic team composed of people who love this sport more than anything. Led by current semi-pro and amateur boxer Mike Slowak, we are a group that includes ex-boxers and boxing coaches with 20+ years of experience

Boxing has its own unique set of theory, training, and technique that can in itself be described as the so called, “the sweet science”. As such, improving in this sport requires you to learn them correctly, while steering away from incorrect ones is an absolute must…

This is why readily-available information on the internet came to our concern:

Incorrect, bogus information on boxing training is everywhere.

In fact, we were stunned by some of the most high-profile boxing trainers on the internet were informing their viewers with incorrect technique that encouraged bad habits and even injuries. With this concern in mind, an unexpected light-bulb moment came from a typical Saturday sparring day, when one of our brightest students asked a simple, yet profound question out of the blue:

If you know about boxing and love it so much, why don’t you share it with people?

That question led us to the ultimate solution to our concern:

why not create our own online platform to teach boxing properly, all while spreading our joy and passion in this amazing sport?

It did not take us a long time to go from idea to action. We have decided to gather only the best and enthusiastic boxers/trainers for our team, in addition to hiring and consulting nutrition and physiology experts for expert guidance. After working 27 days later, we have finally opened our website!

Today, Boxingholic has grown to become a large, thriving community with thousands of passionate boxers eager to learn boxing. Most importantly, our co-founder has been featured such as by the University of CambridgeVarsity, Bustle, and Total Shape.

Our Vision​

Our main aim since day one has been crystal clear:

Provide our readers with absolutely the highest quality information on boxing theory, training, and technique based on our 20+ years of experience in the sport

Hence by doing so, our vision is to establish an internet hub for everything related to boxing training, where veterans and beginners alike can learn and grow to be a better boxer. We hope to achieve this by delivering online content such as articles, videos, and services.

We want to help you fulfill your boxing goals, be it for weight loss or to become a world champion.

To fulfill our vision, we highly encourage you to start by subscribing for the latest boxing content and reading some of our content. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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What We Do


The main aim of this website is to share with you everything that we learned throughout the years of training, fighting, and coaching. On the website, we will show you the best tips, advices, and information that will make you a better boxer regardless of your skill level.

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

We are here to devote and serve our visitors by providing the highest quality, no-nonsense information on boxing. At times, we will post product reviews and related content in our platform that may or may not contain affiliate links. These affiliate links are designed to allow us to earn a small commission based on qualifying purchases through these links.

These links allow us to smoothly operate and maintain our website, as well as to pay expenses for upgrading our platform to further improve our content and fulfill our vision.

We believe that transparency is key to achieving our vision, and hence, we have adopted the following policy to fulfill this:

When posting any form of affiliate links in our website, we will fully disclose this clearly in any of our online content, regardless if this is required by our affiliates or not

Product Review Policy

We were concerned with information available on the internet, especially on boxing-related equipment reviews posted there. Most of these websites post product reviews claiming about some gimmick features and proceed to spam affiliate links everywhere in a poor attempt to make a quick buck, without considering the safety implications this has to our fellow boxers.

99% of the time, boxing-related product reviews on the internet are deceptive money-making attempt by people who never used them in person

We believe that integrity is vital to ensure that people can train safely with proper equipment. As a result, we have adopted the following product review policy:

We will only write product reviews on products that we actually tested in person by multiple members of our group with years of boxing experience