10 Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag (2024)

In this article, I will cover the 10 of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag usage. Specifically, I will cover the best boxing gloves based on different price ranges–low budget, medium budget, and high budget.

The heavy bag can be dense and could injure your hands, so using the correct gloves is a must.

In fact, in the worst-case scenario, it can fracture your metacarpal bone in what’s known as a boxer’s fracture.

Not good.

That’s why you need proper boxing gloves for heavy bag training.

So today, I’ll tell you 10 of the best boxing gloves for hitting the punching bag, each categorised within their budget range.

This is my list based on personal experience using many different gloves over the years during my heavy bag training.

If you want the short version, here it is.

10 Best Boxing Gloves For Bag

Low Budget (under $100)

Mid Budget ($100 – $250)

High Budget ($250+)

Low Budget (under $100)

Not much cash to spare for boxing gloves when training on the punching bag?

I’ve got you covered.

If you’re a casual boxer or a beginner, it would not hurt to get low-budget gloves that are under $100.

However, I would go for mid or even high-budget gloves if you’re consistent or serious about your heavy bag training.

Gloves in this category will likely last 6 months to 2 years depending on your usage while great gloves will last years.

Anyway, here’s my 4 favourites I used during my heavy bag training.

#1: RIVAL RB50 Bag Gloves


Ah yes, Rival.

They’re the techie of the boxing gloves world based in Canada.

Despite being only founded in the 2000s, they now align their shoulders with other heavyweight boxing gloves brands such as Cleto Reyes, Grant, and Everlast.

A lot of their lineup is in the mid-budget range (will cover later), but they have a few that are in the low-budget category.

My favourite in this budget range is the RB50 Bag Gloves.

My first impression when putting on the gloves was that they provide great comfort as they fit and mould nicely to your hands.

When I hit the heavy bag with them, I noticed it was supple enough at the thumb and curving part of the gloves’ knuckles to form a fist.

This is especially important to ensure you throw punches with good technique.

Also, I found them to be thinner when I compared them with other gloves I used and so they’re great when practising precision on the heavy bag.

Another great thing about these gloves is the wrist support—unlike other gloves, the inner arm side of the velcro strap is thicker so it ensures your arms and knuckles are straight when throwing a punch.

Protection-wise, it is great for its price range but inferior compared to higher-budget gloves as I still felt the impact of the punches. Nevertheless, I think it’s really good.

The structure of the glove is great as the stitching was found to be nicely done, although there were loose ends here and there.

For its downside, I would say the fit is just right so using it with hand wraps might not be suitable, especially for people with bigger hands.

Lastly, another downside is its price, where it sits at the higher end of its category. You could potentially spend a few tens of dollars to get gloves in the mid-budget range.

In summary, the gloves are not perfect as it is expensive compared to gloves in their price range and the fit might be tight for some people. However, I found the gloves to be high-quality in construction with nice feedback, comfort, and wrist support.

It has my seal of approval!

#2: TITLE Pro Style Leather Gloves


The cheapest, functional boxing gloves I used by far.

They’re not the greatest gloves, especially after using boxing gloves from the mid-to-high budget range.

But if you consider the price-to-performance, then we’re talking.

When I tested them, they looked bulkier than your typical gloves. I think it has to do with having multiple layers of foam inside.

The protection when I used them during my heavy bag workout was not top-of-the-line, but I still felt comfortable throwing power punches.

I found it better compared to boxing gloves sitting in its price range, as my finger joints didn’t produce blisters when throwing power punches. *Ahem* I’m looking at you, Adidas.

The fit and wrist support felt just right but inferior to the Rival RB80 I covered previously. I also felt the fit to be just right. That means I couldn’t fit my hand wraps inside and might not be suitable gloves for people with big hands.

The structure also felt decent, with the stitching holding up after 6 months of constant heavy bag training, although the internal padding only lasted 9 months of use before thinning out.

The breathability felt average. I’ve had other gloves that made my palm sweat like a river and while that was not the case with these gloves, I still felt quite a lot of moisture after use. Air them out after use to improve their longevity.

Overall, it performs adequately in most departments. I would recommend it if you want the absolutely cheapest but most functional gloves on the market. But note that like many low-budget gloves, it won’t last a year or 2 and may not be suitable for people with big hands.

#3: RIVAL RB80 Impulse Bag Gloves


Third on my list of low-budget boxing bag gloves is another from the brand Rival: the RB80 Impulse Bag Gloves.

One of my favourite things about them, when I tried them in the heavy bag, is their great wrist support compared to other gloves in this budget range.

That’s because the strap is thicker on the outer side like the RB50 bag gloves I mentioned earlier.

Comfort-wise, I found it decent as the inner padding doesn’t bunch up. Also, while it is stiffer at the beginning as it is a bag glove, it loosens nicely after hitting the heavy bag for a week or 2. I found it easy to make a grip and the thumb flexible due to not having a crazy amount of padding.

Breathability-wise, I found it decent, but not the best. The inner part has a mesh texture so you won’t have sweaty palms. However, the top part of my hands felt damp. Maybe it has to do with it not being actual leather but microfiber.

One downside is that like the RB50 bag gloves, it sits at the higher end of the budget category. So, for a few 10s of dollars, you could get some gloves from the mid-budget category that I felt are better.

Last but not least, in terms of structure, the stitching looks good as it still held up after months of heavy bag use and the gloves look and feel premium, especially because the logo is embroidered rather than printed on top.

Overall, I felt these gloves were great in terms of comfort, wrist support, feel and breathability.

However, if I were to compare it to the RB50 bag gloves, it felt less comfortable due to being stiffer and felt less breathable, but there isn’t a big difference.

Personally, I prefer the feedback from the RB50 bag gloves, but the RB80 is still a great choice.

#4: Ringside Gel Shock Bag Gloves


Ringside makes many different types of gloves, and their Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves are one of their best heavy bag gloves.

This particular glove has great real leather, compared to other boxing gloves in its budget range such as the Title’s leather boxing gloves I covered earlier.

When using it, I noticed it had great breathability as it didn’t produce as much moisture compared to other gloves in its budget range. This might be because of the holes present in the thumb and the mesh texture in the palm.

In terms of wrist support—it’s decent!

I never had a problem with my arms being bent when accidentally hitting them at a weird angle during my heavy bag training. This was helped by the velcro strap being decent and the padding around the forearms of the gloves.

Now, when it comes to comfort…

…it felt average.

It’s not terrible compared to other boxing gloves of the same budget, but not exceptional either.

This is because I found the boxing gloves’ padding to be on the stiffer side so takes some time moulding to your hands when training on the heavy bag.

That makes making a fist initially harder.

But once you train in it enough times—it’s alright!

Now, I’ve used it for slightly over a year training consistently on the heavy bag about 4 times per week. As expected of boxing gloves in its budget range, I ended up having to throw them away as the padding cracked within the gloves. But considering that I was training with it consistently, it held up quite decently.

Mid Budget ($100 - $250)

You’ve been boxing for quite a while and even started taking boxing training more seriously by training consistently.

Your old gloves don’t hold up much.

You want something that will nicely protect your hands when going heavy on the punching bag, all while lasting for years and protecting your wallet.

If that describes you, then I highly recommend getting gloves from this budget category!

Precisely because it lasts quite long and has great protection, it will help you save a lot more money in the long run—no more replacing broken-down gloves every few months or potentially getting an expensive hospital bill for wrist fractures.

I’ve owned and used boxing gloves from many brands in this budget range and here’s my ranking of boxing gloves for use in the punching bag.

#1: Ring-to-Cage C17 Boxing Gloves


I was introduced to these boxing gloves a few years ago by a friend during sparring in Glasgow during my amateur boxing training.

And boy, was I impressed!

These are training gloves so they could be used for both sparring and heavy bag training.

Compared to other boxing gloves in this budget range, it has a softer and thicker padding that makes it bulkier and more comfortable to wear. This was ideal for providing additional protection for my knuckles when hitting the punching bag no matter how hard I hit it.

The bulkier nature requires some time to mould to your hands. You might initially find it hard to form a fist because of it.

However, once you use it in your heavy bag training for some time, they become flexible enough to form a fist to punch with proper technique.

My friend and I used it for about 2 years and despite this, the structure of the gloves remained firm—no stitching or foam falling apart after many use.

Another great thing about these boxing gloves is that the lace version has great wrist support as there’s some decent padding around the wrist area and on top of this, it sits at an affordable price within this budget range.

I really don’t have any major criticism for these gloves—the only I can think of is that their bulky nature means it might be harder to practice precision in your heavy bag.

Definitely would recommend them!

#2: TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves


Title’s Gel World Bag Gloves is the bigger and better brother of the earlier Pro Style Leather Boxing Gloves I introduced in the low-budget section.

And it’s an all-rounder great one for hitting the punching bag.

Like the Ring-to-Cage, it’s built like a fridge—I found great protection in it and I didn’t feel any impact when hitting the heavy bag with it.

You can be confident that you’ll never break your hands when throwing power shots on the heavy bag.

I looked at the structure and it’s great: the stitching and padding are holding up great after 10 months of use. The leather shows signs of superficial damage such as scratches, but no major damage to it. Perhaps the leather is of good quality.

On top of protection and durability, the comfort is fantastic!

Mould’s well to the hands. Forming a fist with it is relatively easier compared to other gloves in its category.

Also, even though it uses velcro, the wrist support is great and close to Rival’s boxing gloves. The quality of the velcro helps push this even further.

So… any criticisms?

The only one I have is that breathability could be better, especially at the tip of the fingers. It ends up like a sauna after intense training. 

Like the Ring-to-Cage’s boxing gloves, it tends to be bulky—so might not be suitable if you want to practice the precision of your shots. 

Furthermore, the padding is stiffer compared to Ring-to-Cage’s gloves. That makes sense as these are bag gloves, but personally, I prefer the softer, pillow feel when hitting the heavy bag. 

Overall, these are great gloves with great protection, comfort, and durability (mine are 10 months old and counting!). I would recommend them to any boxers, but if you prefer softer boxing gloves in this budget range, go for the Ring-to-Cages’ C17 gloves I mentioned previously.

#3: RIVAL RB11 Bag Gloves


The brand really shines in the mid-budget range and the RB11 Evolution Bag Gloves are one of their best when training in the heavy bag.

My old boxing coach owns a pair and I was quite impressed when using them the first time.

For review’s sake, I borrowed them.

My impression when first using them was it was like a spear.

The compact, slim nature relative to other bag gloves makes it ideal for heavy bag training if your focus is on training the precision of your punches. It reminded me of boxing gloves used during amateur bouts.

The great thing about these gloves is that, unlike their own cheaper line-up, Rival decided to use nylon straps for the Velcro in the RB11 boxing gloves.

What makes them great is that they add even more wrist support when hitting the punching bag.

Quality-wise, they’re great as expected of the brand and price range. My coach said it was used for over 2.5 years and apart from a few, minor ones sticking out, there’s no sign of stitching falling out.

The quality of the gloves is even better because the logo on the gloves is embroidered rather than printed on top. Despite being synthetic leather, the graininess of the leather is great. Great material.

Protection and comfort-wise, it’s excellent. It fits well with my hands and I don’t have any constrictions being felt such as around my thumb.

I don’t feel the impact when punching the heavy bag. You can feel safe that you can go hard without injuries.

The downside of the gloves is that they lean in the higher end of the price range in its budget range.

Except for the wrist support, the RB11 boxing gloves performed about on par with gloves in this category. So, I would prefer the other two gloves.

In short, they’re great gloves that perform well in many departments. Bit pricy in my opinion and I prefer the softness of the Ring-to-Cage’s C17 boxing gloves.

But hey, my preference. Nevertheless, I recommend them!

#4: RIVAL RB10 Bag Gloves


Rival’s RB10 Bag Gloves are great!

My first impression was that they looked high-tech and really cool, like something from 30 years in the future. I mean, look at them for yourself!

But you might ask, what about the inside?

Like the outside, the inside is great as well. The inside is more flexible than the average bag gloves so I had no problem forming a fist when punching the heavy bag.

Additionally, the fit and comfort are great and it feels like it’s an extension of my body. I don’t feel any impact when throwing a punch so I wasn’t worried about fracturing my hands when throwing power punches on the heavy bag or the mitts.

When I bought them, the stitching looked high quality, just like the RB11 Evolution Bag Gloves. Although I still haven’t tested them for a year, the stitching looks good as new after one month of use.

Another great thing about these gloves is that like the RB11 Gloves I covered earlier, the wrist strap uses nylon straps. So the wrist support is great!

The only downside I see is its pricing—it occupies the top of the mid-budget range.

It’s about 33% more expensive than some of the boxing gloves I covered previously, but are they 33% better?

Honestly? Not really.

Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re fantastic boxing gloves and they have great performance during a heavy bag session. But I felt I got about slightly better performance for a much higher price.

I would definitely recommend them if you like the design of the gloves and have some cash to spare. If neither, I would get the gloves I mentioned earlier.

High Budget ($250+)

You’re a seasoned boxer.

Or maybe you have cash to spare and you want to invest in proper equipment for boxing.

Either way, if you want the best of the best, then these gloves are for you!

They’ll last a very long time and will serve you well.

#1: Winning Boxing Gloves


I had a friend who owned a pair of winning boxing gloves and tried them several times when training at the boxing gym.

But oh man, these are THE best gloves I’ve ever used.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sparring or you’re hitting the punching bag.

You can use them for any training!

I’ve used the gloves that had been used for 2 years but despite this, they had great everything—fit, comfort, quality, protection, breathability, structure, and wrist support.

The most characteristic about these boxing gloves is their softness—it’s not surprising why many boxers call them “pillows”.

Because of this, my hands felt protected.

I really don’t have any criticism for these gloves.

The only ones I can think of are the velcro version of the Winning Boxing Gloves. The wrist support tends to be better in Rival’s gloves, but Winning Boxing Gloves’ wrist support is still great and sturdy. If you simply want more wrist support, get the lace version and you’re set.

Overall, I highly recommend them. Despite the price, I think it’s worth every penny.

If you want to get them, you may occasionally find them on Amazon if you’re lucky as they’re constantly out of stock. But if not, try contacting us at [email protected]. We will be able to help you get them from Japan.

#2: Fly Boxing Gloves


Fly Sportswear produce some excellent boxing gloves and I’ve had the pleasure of trying them in person on the heavy bag.

I haven’t tested their budget model so I can’t really comment on them…

But, I’ve used their premium models and they’re great!

Their UK-produced gloves have great premium designs, structure, protection and comfort.

Regarding their comfort, they have the same softness as Winning’s Boxing Gloves—that same feel as strapping pillows on your hands.

In fact, I would say they’re even TOO soft—I felt because of this, they had less wrist support.

Even then, I think they’re fantastic gloves. If you want a more premium style in your gloves, I suggest getting them over Winning’s Boxing Gloves.

However, because they’re priced similarly to Winning’s Boxing Gloves, I would get Winning’s instead as I personally prefer the soft, yet firm feel of the gloves.

Wrapping Up

These were my 10 favourite and best boxing gloves for heavy bag usage, based on the different budget ranges after using them in my boxing heavy bag training.

If you’re a beginner who occasionally trains boxing, I suggest getting gloves from the low-budget range (under $100).

If you’re more consistent and serious about your boxing heavy bag training, I highly recommend getting boxing gloves from the mid-budget ($100 – $250).

You’ll end up saving a lot more money as they will last a long time and fully protect you from hospital bills incurred due to fractured hands.

If you’re a career boxer or you just want the best of the best, I recommend getting gloves from the high budget range ($250+).

Especially Winning’s boxing gloves. They’re fantastic.

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