6 THINGS to Look for While Choosing a Boxing Gym

Modern boxing has been around for over a hundred years and its popularity has never ceased to exist.

Despite the recent surge in popularity of MMA, boxing is still one of the most popular sports in the modern world with big names making fortunes in the industry. As such, boxing is likely to stay for a long time. Due to its popularity, boxing gyms can be found in almost any city you go and at times, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices. Hence, I have provided you below with some tips on what to look for if you plan on joining a boxing gym.

#1: Distance

This doesn’t sound like much at all, but trust me, it is. If you are serious about boxing, you will be going to the gym between 3 and 5 times a week. So, it is important that it does not take you a few hours to get there. When you are far away from your boxing gym, it is easier to find excuses and miss training. Because of this, you should choose a gym that is in a suitable location—time is money.

#2: Cost of Membership

Money is also important. 

At the end of the day, you don’t want to spend 100 pounds on a fancy gym membership. While looking for a boxing gym, choose something that you can afford. There are better and worse months, hence why it is important to choose a membership that you can truly pay for. 

Extra tip from me: Boxing gym is not like a regular gym that often works according to the rule the more you pay the better it is. In fact, small, smelly gyms with old coaches can train you better than modern centers of boxing. You won’t be a better boxer if you pay more for the gym.

#3: Equipment

Before spending your money, go to the gym, hit the bags, check out the ring and ropes, and see what the dressing room and shower looks like. Sometimes the gym might look good on the surface, but after a month of training you will see how bad the equipment is and that might affect your progress. If a bag has holes, gloves are falling apart, and headguards are smelly, the gym should not be your primary choice.

#4: Coaches

Do your research. Read online. At the end of the day, coaches are one of the most important people that will lead you throughout your boxing episode/career. 

It is important that you click with your coach and have a good cooperation; if you think that you don’t get along with coaches in a particular gym, then don’t buy the membership there. Few times it happened to me that I ended up with a wrong coach and the only thing such a situation leads to is lack of motivation and willingness to train. Choose your coaches wisely!

#5: Club-mates

It is important to know who you will share the boxing gym with. 

You can try going for one session to test whether you like the surrounding company. Also, it is important to find out whether there are people who are at your size, height, and weight as lack of them might mean lack of sparring partners. Club-mates should be your second family, as you share sweat, tears, and blood with them (quite literally). Make sure they are not a bunch of stiff idiots that like to flaunt off their skills or trying to knock your head off in every sparring session.

#6: Cancellation Policy

Believe me, this one is very important. 

Funny things happen in life and sometimes we must change our work, school, or place of living. Of course, we cannot predict any of that when we choose a gym membership, but it is important to keep in mind that things like that can happen. Some boxing gyms demand from you to pay upfront or sign the contract. If that is the case, read everything carefully, but pay additional attention to cancellation policy!

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