5 Top Tips When Looking for a Personal Boxing Trainer

There are many people who love boxing but don’t enjoy crowdy gyms or loud trainers, and want to do the sport but have more privacy while doing so. We understand this situation, as one of our fighters Kuba—who was a truly good amateur fighter in Poland—also did not enjoy sharing the gym with others.

In here, we will briefly analyze the top advices for those who prefer individual classes with a personal trainer rather than an old-school boxing gym.

Without further due, let’s hop right into it!

#1: Experience!

I guess this is the number one thing when you are looking for a personal coach!

At this day and age, the number of personal trainers is unbelievably numerous. Every trainer out there seemingly claims to know the key to achieve success in boxing, and every one of them will try to convince you that by paying him/her, you will become better at the sport of boxing.

This is of course very far from truth.

While looking for a coach, find out about the following key information:

After you find out about the above, decide! Remember, a personal class is different than a group class. Here, you pay and demand. Choose what is best for you!

#2: Check the coach's training plan!

Usually first sessions are free—use that opportunity, while choosing a personal coach.

Another way to check whether he/she is the right person for you, is to simply ask about his/her vision of your future trainings. Good coach will instantly see your strengths and weaknesses and will be able to vaguely tell you what you need to work on.

You can also ask him to send you a training plan for the next month- that will allow you to decide, whether the guy has a clue about what he is preaching.

#3: Ask around!

Gossiping is both good and bad—but depends on the context.

It’s certainly bad when you tell your friends that Boxingholic is shit behind our backs, but it can be very useful when you want to find out if that coach is worth your money.

Nowadays, majority of coaches will have Instagram, Facebook, or other social media in which you can find his former students. Those people are the ones to ask about the coaches’ abilities. From former students, you can learn everything about the coach—such as info regarding his skills, behavior, manners, money dealings, and other crucial things before you decide.

#4: Check if he/she is the right person for you!

To check that, again, it is best to try the free-trial class.

Some coaches might have many good features, but might not necessarily be the perfect one that suit your needs. Some people are motivated by a coach screaming at them or being overly harsh, while others like it when a coach gives them compliments and talk about their progress.

You need to find a trainer that will motivate you.

Yes, skills of a trainer are significant, but if you don’t like the coach as a person, his/her skills won’t really matter. If you like the person, you will like the coach. Amen.

#5: Only time can judge them!

Even after going through all the previously-mentioned points and you’re still unsure whether that coach is right for you, then give him/her some of your time.

Nothing will judge a coach better than the results. Paying for a month upfront most likely won’t kill you and it will give you the necessary time to judge whether your trainer is worth your money. After 30 days, you should already be able to see whether you improved and whether money was spent correctly!

Test the coach!

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