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Review of: Everlast Flexcool Hand Wraps

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Summary: Everlast Flexcool hand wraps are hand wraps that are designed to be flexible and comfortable to wear. It has the plus side of being resistant to smell after a hard boxing training. 

However, most importantly, it provides excellent protection to your hands.

I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

Today, I’d like to review a product that’s absolutely necessary for everyone doing boxing.

Injuries are everywhere in boxing.

This can be minor like a laceration or a nose bleed, but at times, you can get seriously injured such as a broken hand that could potentially can make you unable to box for life.

Personally, I’ve faced them all—broken nose, dislocation, and deep cuts. But by far, the most serious injury I sustained is the boxer’s fracture, which is the fracture of the outer-most bone near the knuckle. As a result of this, I’ve went out of boxing for nearly 6 months and nearly ended my amateur boxing career.

Hand injures are no laughing matter—something I learned too late.

In fact, it’s one of the most common injury sustained by boxers. A particular study conducted at the Great Britain Olympic Boxing Squad found that “Boxer’s knuckle” injuries were by far the most common injuries sustained by boxers[1].

I’d never want to sustain that bullshit nightmare again, and neither do you.

The solution to this—and you guess it right if you’re a veteran in the sport—is to wrap your hands! Covering your hands with wraps will tighten your fist when you try to make that hole in the heavy bag—that prevents you from potentially injuring your fist. I in fact wear hand wraps every time I train boxing and has become a habit to do so.

A piece of important message for every beginner and veteran alike out there reading our article (yes, you!)—Do not EVER put gloves without putting hand wraps!

Now that I want got my message across, this then begs the question, what hand-wraps should I get myself?

I’ve worn hand-wraps from many different brands, but one that stuck to me is Everlast’s Flexcool Hand Wraps because I have not sustained a serious injury to the hands since using it. So, it’s why I recommend these to anyone who’s looking to get hand wraps!

Everlast Flexcool Hand Wraps

These are hand wraps from Everlast and are designed with a material that is flexible and stretchy—mainly nylon and polyester. This makes it useful and more comfortable to wear—all because it adds the most amount of protection to your hands.

As a sidenote, I find the wraps to be visually attractive compared to other hand wraps I’ve used. For example, the colors of the wraps are composed well, in a way that the shade of grey clearly works with the bright yellow-green color.

Now that my first impressions of it are out of the way, I’d like to point who the product is for.

Personally, I would recommend these hand wraps if:

I would however not recommend these hand wraps if:

It’s important to understand that hand wraps are a necessity regardless of your boxing level, so you should get them as soon as possible!

Now, you might be confused if these hand wraps are for you, so I’ve decided to test them in real life.

Testing the Hand Wraps

The question you might have in your mind—especially if you’re a beginner—is: how am I supposed to wrap my hands?

If you ask your boxing friends, trainer, or some expert online, they will give you different answers on how to best wrap your hands. In fact, the list of how to wrap your hands is endless.

Some people like to wrap in a way that adds extra material around the knuckle, while others might add extra wrapping around the thumb to stabilize it.

So who’s right about how to wrap your hands?

Well, in fact everyone (mostly)!

As long as you don’t waste your wraps away to unimportant parts of your arm (such as wrapping around your forearm), then it’s totally fine.

How you exactly wrap your hands is really not that important—what really matters is to actually wrap your hands!

However, in case you’re struggling to wrap your hands, I’ve included a video of how to wrap it below. It is known as the “X’s” method, which is wrapped in a way to cover all the fingers and the thumb.

I have tested the hand wraps by doing a boxing pads session. During it, I noticed that when wrapped correctly, the flexibility of the material allowed the wrap to hold without loosening or tightening over time. Loosening or tightening during your boxing session could result in discomfort and affect your boxing training—this wasn’t the case with these wraps.

Another thing I noticed is that after the training, the wraps don’t smell—that’s good news for those hygienic folks. It’s mostly the result of the many holes and the breathability of the material. What this means is that it will be convenient for people who can’t wash them immediately after training, be it due to having a tight boxing schedule or otherwise.

However, I still recommend washing them ideally every time after training—not washing them for a prolonged time will still result in them being smelly or even infect you with nasty stuff on your hands!

What do other people say?

In reality, each hand wraps might or might not be suitable for each person—some people like the cotton hand wraps that’s firmer while others prefer flexibility in the material of the hand wraps.

I really wanted to know what other people have to say about it, so I’ve also asked John—who’s an ex-amateur boxer and our website technician—voice what he thinks about it as he’s on his third pair of the same Everlast hand wraps.

They’re class. Without a doubt best hand wraps I have had. The material is really good and because of the flexibility, you can wrap around the fingers and knuckles easily, which sometimes is a problem when you buy cheaper ones. For me, the biggest advantage is that I guess because of the material, they do not absorb smell, so they just don’t stink in your boxing bag. If you train boxing and pack your stuff into a bag every day, then you know what sort of advantage that is. I am on my third pair, because I never found better ones and also got kind of used to them. The only reason I am on the third pair is because of personal hygiene, and being honest, few quid is not that much and things like wraps or mouth guard are stuff you simply need to change from time to time, regardless whether its broken or not. Certainly, I’d recommending these to you.

I was also interested in what other users of the product have to say.

That’s why I’ve taken a look at what other people say about the hand wraps within Everlast’s official website.

Yes, I’ve also noticed like the people above that they provide great protection to your wrists and knuckles—I’d say that’s the most important thing in these hand wraps.

As a user of the hand wraps for a year, I can confirm about the breathability aspect of the hand wraps. My past experience tells me that some hand wraps can have horrible breathability that make my hands look like it was drenched into the pool after my workout session. That wasn’t the case with these hand wraps and so they’re far less smelly than other ones I used.

Any Good and Bad?

Personally, I like to look at the overall picture of the product, both the good and bad to understand if it’s a match for me. As such, I’ve compiled a list of the good and bad for convenience.

Pros and Cons of the Product



I’ve previously mentioned about the breathability and protection part of the wraps, so I’d like to go into the comfort and flexibility aspect of it.

If you’re an experienced boxer, you know that some hand wraps can tighten over time and become unbearable. Furthermore, you might have experienced wearing certain hand wraps that have such an abrasive surface that you just want to toss them into the bin.

That wasn’t the case for these hand wraps.

The wraps are made of a combination of polyester and nylon that give a smooth texture—I’ve not experienced any itchiness associated with wearing these hand wraps. Plus, the flexibility of the material allowed me to easily wrap around the fingers, knuckles, and the thumb. This not only give better protection to the hands, but also maintain the tightness of the wraps.

It’s important however to note one thing—I’ve heard some of my fellow boxers in the gym saying that these hand wraps cut the blood flow in the hands. In most cases, I’ve noticed that it was mostly because they wrapped their hands too tight fearing that it might loosen over time and lose the protection.

As such, I’d recommend not to wrap your hands with it too tightly!

Now as for the price, it’s on the higher end of the price tag compared to other wraps. However, even then hand wraps cost about £3 or £4, so paying a bit more will certainly not break your bank account.

Personally, I prefer larger hand wraps, which arises from the length of the hand wraps. My preference is because my hands tend to be larger than other people in my weight class and so I like to have extra length in my wraps to make sure it covers all my hands.

However, I also understand that this can be a disadvantage for other people. If you have small hands, your hands will be much bigger after wrapping them—this can take more time than usual to put your gloves on. Plus, it can make your hands feel uncomfortable when you hit those pads or the heavy bag.

Final Verdict

Now, I’d like to summarize about the product with the overall picture before coming to an end. I found that the product does have its downside such as the size of your hands after wrapping them—in such a case, I’d advise you to buy shorter wraps. Also, the price was on the higher end of the price tag, but even then it’s cheap considering the good things about the product.

The material was found to be flexible and comfortable to wear—this allowed me to train with it without feeling uncomfortable. Also, I like its breathability and smell resistance that ensure the wraps are not smelly after a good boxing session.

However, what’s most important is the protection it offers—after a year using them, I’ve not suffered an injury during my training while wearing them. That’s why I would recommend them to beginners and veterans of the sport alike!


My final verdict for it is 4.5/5. It’s reliable and does an excellent job protecting your hands. You should definitely check them out below!

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