Top 10 Best Groin Guards For Boxing (2024)

Today, I’ll explore the 10 of the best groin guards for boxing that I have previously used during my boxing training and coaching.

Particularly, I’ll go over 10 of the best groin protectors for boxing divided into different price categories: low budget (less than $50), medium budget ($50 – $120), and high budget ($120+).

Boxing is a dangerous sport—statistics even show that!

So protection is paramount!

As a seasoned amateur boxer and part-time boxing coach myself, I can promise that not having proper protection and equipment will bite you back.

If you’re lucky, you will be bruised and you’re out for a few days of boxing training. In the worst case: you sustain a paralysing injury and you’re forever sentenced to retire from boxing.

Very bad.

There’s one piece of boxing equipment that’s surprisingly neglected in training, even though

it has a critical role in preserving a boxer’s well-being and confidence—the boxing groin guard.

In today’s article, I will review groin protectors and recommend the top 10 best boxing groin protectors based on what I’ve used during my boxing sparring.

If you want the full list, you can find it below.

10 Best Boxing Groin Protectors

Low Budget (under $50)

Mid Budget ($50 – $120)

High Budget ($120+)

Low Budget (under $50)

Not everyone can afford expensive boxing equipment.

That’s fine.

If you just started boxing and want to start sparring, you’re buying equipment for multiple sparring partners, or you’re simply tight on money, then get a groin guard from this category.

#1: Venum "Competitor" cup


Venum has seen quite a bit of growth recently and is becoming a decent brand.

One of their low-budget groin guards is the Venum “Competitor Cup.

I am a personal fan of this groin guard because for me it has everything that a groin guard should have!

First, it has a slick design.

I know it’s not the most important thing, but I think it was worth mentioning.

This groin guard is light, has a triple-layer shock absorber, and has an anatomical design that makes it adjust to the shape of your body and look awesome.

This is a similar feature that the Shock Doctor had, but in my opinion, in even better quality.

What I love about it, is that it is small and doesn’t affect your movement.

If you are the same style of boxer as I am – one who enjoys a lot of movement and hates the groin guard flapping around, this might be the purchase you should make!

What I like about this groin guard is how tightly it fits me—this is super important for me.

You don’t want to be like Tyson Fury and constantly play with your trunks and groin guard to prevent it from falling.

That’s super annoying.

There is nothing overwhelmingly negative that I can say about it.

The only thing to look out for is that it might not be suitable for heavyweight sparring—the same as every other “smaller-shaped” groin guard.

Besides that, it’s a good purchase for a basic boxing groin protector.

#2: Shock Doctor 213 Core Supporter


Shock Doctor 213 is an interesting groin guard.

Both in terms of how it looks and how it is made.

As much as I wasn’t personally a huge fan of the looks, in terms of usability—Shock Doctor stood out for me because of its breathable, lightweight, and comfortable construction.

I got this groin guard from my cousin, who stopped boxing quite early in his career.

What stood out about that groin guard straight away is that it felt safe, but light and comfortable at the same time.

The focal point of the groin guard—the part protecting your groin—is made with breathable mesh and a material that provides maximum ventilation.

Believe me, this might sound unnecessary, but when you box 12 rounds, then the coach gets you on pads and then you finish with a bag work, and you are in the groin guard for 2.5 hours—it can make a difference.

What is great about this groin guard is its bioflex system. This means that a shell protecting your groin naturally adapts to the shape of your body.

I think that’s the greatest thing that many groin guards lack.

Moreover, that feature to a large extent eliminates some of the problems that having groin guards causes – irritation in the groin area.

There is only one disadvantage that I can see.

If you are a heavy guy, and you are serious about boxing, this simply will not do.

As much as it’s perfectly matched for beginner and intermedium levels of advancement in sparring, using it for heavy hitters who might slip and punch below the belt, might not be the best idea.

I have been around boxing punches long enough to know that getting hit hard by a big guy in that groin guard, will simply hurt.

For things like that you need extra protection, which I think Shock Doctor might not be able to fully provide.

#3: RDX R2 Abdo Groin Guard


RDX makes the list.

They do not market themselves as the highest-level boxing brand—and no, they’re not in my honest opinion.

They also claim to make solid equipment—well partially!

I’ve bought equipment from RDX and so far I’ve not felt that any of their stuff is bad quality or felt I overpaid.

Why did their groin guard make the cut?

Few simple reasons.

It’s lightweight, easy to wear, and safe–all at a decent price.

What I like about this groin guard is most mainly the material it is made of. It feels comfortable and nice compared to other alternatives in this budget range.

This groin guard uses convex skin, so not too bad to wear.

What’s important is that the convex skin is extra padded with Supremo-Shock foam making them endurable, very safe, and long-lasting.

I have had that groin guard for 2 years before someone stole it in the gym. That shows how decent it is.

The minus of that groin guard and the reason why I was interchangeably using it with another groin guard is that I felt it was moving on me.

Sometimes when I would get hit near the belt region, the groin guard would move, and I had to correct it…

It wasn’t happening too often, but it did, and it’s worth mentioning. I am 6’1” and weigh 80 kilograms, so I am not the smallest or skinniest guy.

I think what’s at stake is low-quality sizing or the shape of the guard that makes your legs move it.

For anyone who just starts with boxing and needs his first groin guard–I think this is a decent purchase.

Mid-Budget ($50 - $120)

If you plan to stick to boxing for a while and get decent protection during sparring—then groin guards in this category are your go-to’s!

For the majority of the people, getting a groin guard from this category is more than enough for their boxing training and sparring.

They will last for a decent amount of time and will serve you well.

#1: Cleto Reyes Traditional No Foul Groin Protector


Cleto Reyes is one of my favourite boxing brands.

They make the old-school style of boxing equipment that still offers excellent quality to this very day despite the increasing competition.

One of the groin guards I had the pleasure to use during my sparring is this groin protector.

They’re solid.

What I like about it is its full foam latex padding and comfortable, yet tight fit.

In comparison to other groin guards, this one is made from genuine leather that breathes!

When you do sparring in it once, you might not feel a difference between synthetic material and leather.

But trust me – down the line, it is way more durable and will serve you for way longer.

I found this groin guard safe and solid—I’ve used it in my sparring and it didn’t make me feel the low blow I occasionally received from my fellow sparring partner. Even after being hit there, the structure still stands and there’s no sign of loose stitching coming out after a year!

Also, it’s great that it fits comfortably and stays on during my intense sparring.

The few criticism I have is that it doesn’t protect the kidney region, so watch out for that. Additionally, it sits at the higher end of this budget category.

But still, worth every penny!

#2: RIVAL Boxing RNFL3 Pro 180 Groin Protector


Rival is a relative newcomer as a boxing equipment brand.

But don’t let that deceive you—they make some of the best boxing equipment in the market and why I love their boxing gloves.

I had the chance to use the RNFL3 Pro 180 protector from a boxing friend.

And boy, I was impressed.

This groin guard from Rival offers solid quality, protection, and a simplistic look.

More specifically, they’re made of leather so it has quite a durability and this is further helped by overall nice stitching.

Protection-wise, I like that it provides not only groin protection but also the kidney region and most of the shock is absorbed by it. In short, it does what it says to it does!

As a bonus, they have multiple colours so you’ll find the one you like and it does have value for money going for it.

I don’t have major criticism for it—the only thing maybe is that I felt the leather was better in the Cleto Reyes groin guard and it’s not as lightweight.
The only reason I chose Cleto Reyes’ groin guard over this one in this category I because I felt more comfortable with it.

Nevertheless, it’s a solid product and provides extra protection compared to it.

#3: Ringside No Foul Boxing Groin Protector


Next on my list is Ringside’s No Foul Boxing Groin Protector.

It was one of the very first groin guards I used in my boxing sparring and one of the best I’ve owned so far.

Let me tell you why.

The construction of the groin guard is somewhat sturdy as it absorbs shots decently and like the Rival’s groin protector, it is quite high so protects both the groin and kidneys as well!

I particularly also like that it has a lightweight feel to it—I would sometimes forget I was wearing it.

While not as comfortable as Cleto Reyes’ groin guard I covered earlier, it still is quite comfortable. It’s even helped further by the ability to adjust the tightness because of the velcro strap.

Design-wise, it’s simple and has a range of sizes on offer.

Now to be impartial, there are some things I don’t like.

In terms of durability, it only lasted about a year and a half before the inner material started to get exposed.

This is likely because it’s not made of genuine leather but rather a polyurethane synthetic material and this also makes groin region quite sweaty after a long sparring session.

Additionally, I think the design is too simplistic—it has no options when choosing colours.

Overall, I still think it’s a decent product.

#4: PFG Winning-Style Groin Guard


The next on my list is Performance Fight Gear’s Winning-style groin guard.

I was initially sceptical of this particular groin protector, but my old boxing coach recommended it to me saying that many of his fighters sparred with it.

And trusted my coach so I ordered one and boy, was I impressed.

Despite sounding like a cheaper knockoff of Winning’s groin guard, it actually is quite comfortable to wear during my sparring and has a solid cup that exactly serves its purpose.

So how is that possible?

Well, why I found it comfortable because it’s lightweight since it’s made of a combination of synthetic leather and foam. Plus, it uses laces to fasten to the body so it’s highly adjustable to one’s comfort and stays put, provided the person tieing it does a good job.

So the bad?

Well… it did have some loose stitching here and there that made me concerned about its structural integrity, but it still holds up after a year of use so I think it’s still fine.

In terms of material, it doesn’t have that premium feel as it uses some synthetic leather that feels a bit more plastic compared to other ones in the market.

So yes, it does feel like a downgrade compared to the actual Winning’s groin protector, but I do think it provides great value for money.

High-Budget ($120+)

Now let’s get to the best of the best.

If you’re a professional boxer or amateur boxer sparring very regularly for competition, I would only consider buying groin guards in this category.

It simply provides the maximum protection and greatest protection from potentially career-ending injuries.

#1: Winning CPS-500 Groin Protector


Winning provides THE highest standard when it comes to boxing equipment.

It’s famous for being hand-made by artisans from Japan. The quality is superb to the point that you see professional boxers such as Naoya Inoue wearing the full set during sparring.

Its groin protector is no different.

I’ve only managed to occasionally use it by convincing a boxing friend of mine to lend it to me—and wow.

Just wow.

Fantastic comfort and fit—incomparable to many I’ve used.

The fit is great as it’s adjustable due to the use of laces.

Protection is great as well since it has good height and firmness to protect both the groin and the kidneys.

All while being fairly light.

A few disadvantages I see is the price.

Another minor one is the material it’s made of—it uses synthetic leather so some people might prefer genuine leather but to be fair, I don’t see it as a problem since the leather has a very premium touch to it.

#2: Cleto Reyes Kidney and Foul Groin Protector


One of the high-end and highest-quality groin guards on the market.

And the bigger brother of the other Cleto Reyes’ groin guard I covered earlier.

Used by world champions, this old-school-looking groin guard is excellent for both boxing sparring and competitions.

Cleto Reyes is a brand that you can trust. The material is made from good real leather, and the padding is composed of the highest quality of latex foam.

I am not exaggerating when I say that you can find this groin guard at the local gym by prominent professional boxers.

This specific model of Cleto Reyes is trusted by many professionals, including the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Andy Ruiz and Canelo.

When I used it in my sparring it was very hard to pin down what makes this groin guard stand out so much, but I think if I was to summarize it in one sentence, I would say–“perfect balance”.

Perfect balance between the safety, size, manoeuvrability, and comfort.

Cleto Reyes’s groin guard has a padded edge protective cup that allows for freedom of movement, which together with elastic straps for leg adjustment makes the groin guard fit very well.

Hitting the groin protector’s groin area feels like hitting something hard compared to others that feel like foam.

Its outer layer is so solid, that you get surprised by how soft and comfortable it is on inside when you wear it.

I prefer Winning’s groin guard but I don’t think Cleto Reyes’ groin guard trails far behind.

#3:RIVAL RNFL100 Professional No-Foul Groin Protector


This is a groin protector that caught my eye when I saw one of the professional fighters in my local boxing gym was using it during his boxing sparring.

I’ve had the opportunity to buy it from a friend and used it for 2 years before I gave it to my younger brother.

It’s safe to say, it’s one of the best groin guards I’ve used so far!

The design is elegant and is the very reason why I was initially interested in it—they even have multiple colours so you’ll find the one you like.

Protection-wise, it feels like you’re wearing armor during your sparring. Absorbs shocks quite well and protects both the groin and the kidney area.

The quality of the build was excellent since the stitching held up even until the day I gave it to my younger brother and used decent-quality synthetic leather.

Now onto weaknesses.

One thing I had to point out is… well it feels bulky. It’s not necessarily the weight as I didn’t note any difference between other products but more in terms of comfort.

Some of the other products I used feel as if I’m not wearing the equipment at all, but not this one.

This groin protector also uses velcro so while it might be easier to strap compared to laced ones, I nevertheless think the tighter, stable fit offered by the laced counterpart is better.

After 2 years of using it, the velcro was still very useable unlike many boxing gloves that use velcro but it did degrade over time and interfered with the fit of the groin guard.

Anyway, despite the few weaknesses, I recommend this one.

Types of Groin Guards

Regardless of whether you decide to buy groin guards from the above or search for one yourself, we need to mention something very important.

Not all boxing groin guards are the same style!

There exist different types of boxing groin guards—in fact, there are at least 3 of them.

Elastic/Single Cup Groin Guards

This type of groin guard offers protection directly for your groin area and typically relies only on an elastic band.

The brand Venum's competitor cup.
Elastic cup groin guard type

These are groin guards that are also commonly found in other sports such as Karate and MMA.

As much as it offers excellent mobility, due to its light nature, it provides minimal protection in other vulnerable regions.

I think they still provide very decent protection but can be quite uncomfortable to wear at times and they’re great for people on a budget.

Front Abdominal Groin Guards

These types of groin guards are likely the most frequently encountered type on the market.

Cleto Reyes' no foul groin protector made of genuine leather.
Front Abdominal Type Groin Protector

The reason for their popularity?

They offer coverage for the entire front and provide additional abdominal protection.

Front abdominal groin guards often include elastic bands on the sides, making them a heavier option than the previously single cup type, nonetheless are still more manoeuvrable than Full-body groin guards.

Full Body groin guard

The biggest, most safe, and often most expensive type of groin guard.

These are the ones that many professional boxers spar with!

Ringside's No Foul Boxing Groin Protector.
Full Body Type Groin Protector

This type of groin guard delivers the highest level of protection, thanks to the additional padding on the sides and increased height.

They provide additional support to protect the kidneys.

They are very safe but at the cost of being bulkier and overall weight.

Wrapping Up

And that was the top 10 best groin guards for boxing, classified based on different budget ranges: low-budget (less than $50), mid-budget ($50 – $120), and high-budget ($120+).

One of the most critical takeaways from this analysis is the importance of selecting the right groin guard to suit individual needs.

It’s crucial to emphasize that a well-chosen groin guard can significantly reduce the risk of injuries during training and competition.

This not only keeps fighters safe but also allows them to focus on honing their skills and achieving their best performance.

In short, don’t buy a groin guard just because it’s the cheapest.

Make sure to buy the proper equipment—for example, you’ll need proper boxing gloves to prevent injuries if you’re hitting the heavy bag so I suggest looking into that as well.

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